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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Through the cracks and crevasses, into the caves.

Today has been a long day.. early morning sunrise on top of Mt. Haleakala, ele 10,023ft, all the way back down to 30ft below sea level. 
A day of Diversity and Beauty. 

another day, another turtle. 
I get just as excited to see them now as I did the first time. 
Tatum and I watched a turtle crawl over rocks today when the swell went down.. in tatum's words, "so cute!" 

These are my favorite places/spots to swim through, crevasses and canyons leading to area where less people go. Tricky maneuvering can lead to some really epic scenery. 

Making my day complete was another dive into a cave where I found three 6ft+ white tip reef sharks. 
I tried staying down there as long as I could but the swell in the water today made it really impossible to stay calm and still. Bumping into the reef at one point led to some cut up and bleeding fingers so I got out of there quick! I know they are white tips and generally harmless.. just didn't want one to get a little to curious about my hand. I called it to hopefully return on a calmer and sunnier day. :)  Still, pretty epic! 

Thanks for checkin in! 


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dai Mars Adventures!

Check this out people!! 
Well worth the look!  

Dai Mar is one of my captains out here at the Pacific Whale Foundation and he also is an avid diver and photographer! He shared his blog with me the other day and each post is amazing. There's a whole world down there that so few people ever get to see.. Dai Mar is helping out a bit and sharing all his adventures and dives with us, so check it out and enjoy. 

thanks Dai Mar! 


Saturday, August 25, 2012

More Turtles.

Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle aka Honu

I love the Ocean!! Can't help myself.. 

Tatum and I went out on another snorkel trip with the Pacific Whale Foundation on friday where we again went to Molokini Crater and then Turtle Arches. This trip we took one of the big boats, the Ocean Voyager. It's a pretty fun trip, however, I do prefer the smaller boats that are able to tie up in slightly cooler spots. But, again, they all go to pretty much the same places that all have the same amazing wild life to swim around with. 

Come visit!! 


Hawksbill Turtle Hatching.

A crowd gathers to watch a nest of endangered Hawksbill Turtles hatch. 
The other day at work I was told that there was a nest of turtle eggs predicted to hatch that evening. It was at my favorite beach and something new to me, so I checked it out. 

These beaches are pretty busy so its important that nature gets a chance to survive the crowds. Here a naturalist helps dig up the nest in a fenced off area making sure they get a chance to make it into the ocean. Before the crowds the turtles had enough of a challenge just making it past the birds and sharky's, unchecked tourists would deplete the population completely. Stoked to say that these 75+ Hawksbill Turtles all made it into the ocean. 

This first little guy was a good sign that many more could be ok. 

they just started poppin out left and right. 

Turtle Race. 

What a cool thing to witness. 
Endangered Species making a comeback! 

Thanks turtle guys. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The IPP.

Stoked to share a new beginning from Pete Harvieux, The IPP. 

The Dark Meadows Collection draws inspiration from a visual perspective of covert evil: the shadows that move at the edge of the woods, silhouettes on a moonlit evening that can’t be accounted for, the eerie stillness before a massive storm.

This is a precursor to a short to be released late Fall.

Filmed on location in Sterns County by Eric Schleicher and Craig Williams

Edited By Eric Schleicher

Soundscape Mastered By Juhyo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A lil snorkel trip at Molokini Crater.

Yesterday Tatum and I took our day off and used some of our comp tickets to enjoy a little piece of what our jobs offer, snorkel cruises to Molokini Crater. We were on the Ocean Explorer's Wild Side adventure tour with the Pacific Whale Foundation. 

Shark Week! 
There was a white tip reef shark hanging out in his cave about 32ft under the surface. Wow! It was so fun diving down there and chilling right next to this beautiful shark. Also under that rock was the biggest spiny lobster I have ever seen! It was just about the same size as the shark. I was so taken back at the size of the lobster that I almost forgot that there was a shark a foot in front of me, my mind was on that lobster. 

44 seconds with the white tip. Not a bad breathe hold. 

Tatum at the drop off. 

We saw a couple Octopus down there. I got really close to one and it inked me! 
I wasn't quite fast enough to get video or photo.. next time. 

And at the second destination we saw many green sea turtles. 
This guy was taking a nap on the bottom. 

Just to show the size if these turtles! This was about the same size as Tatum but probably out weighed her by a hundred pounds. We did see another that was closer to the 450 pounds max that turtles get too. 

this guy had a crazy tumor growing on the side of his nogin. 

Under water world. So amazing. 

Sorry for not updating as much these days. It's been a long time since I worked a full time job... Life gets busy. Soon some of that will change again as I get more and more settled in here on Maui. There has been a major lack of swell on the islands and we are definitely due for some surf. Hopefully that will happen soon and I'll be on it to post some epic surf. 

thanks for checkin in.