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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bald-E-Gal Cup, 2011.

the Youth Shelter Supply's
Bald-E-Gal Cup, 2011!! 
at Powder Ridge, MN. 

The Top Set. 


Garrett McKenzie Sliding Sideways. 

Krister Ralles Back One On. 

Shane, Probably a 270. Looks like one. 

Austin Young 5-0. 

Benny Milan was spinning 180's on and off this rail all day.
 Just one of the many up-coming rail slayers. 

Mike Thienes making yet another epic edit for us all to watch. 

Past and Future, all in one day. 

Jake O-E came and made some faces for everyone. 

Jake and Sam, Midwest's dream team of filmers minus riley. 

Sam's shot of Kritter Smash! Coors BABY!! 

Jonas Michilot taking it back to the black snow. Boardslide down the kinker!! 

Danny after a long day of judging! 
This is the, 'grrrrrr, that was impossible everyone was killing it!' face. 

The Youth Shelter making sure the goodie bags were filled to the top! 

Garrett and His mother, Mary. Gare bare placed first in 14 and under! 
Good shredding lil grom! He'll be kicking all of our butts soon enough. 


Jesse Paul and Shane Ruprecht battled all day for that trophy. In the end, Jesse came out champ, but dang, shane killed it too! 
Same with the 14 and under kids; Garrett, Benny, and Eddie all throw down so hard.. I would have hated to be a judge. 

Pettit and the MN Crew! 

What a group of guys. I made them all get together for this shot, they grudgingly excepted. One day my friends, we'll all be stoked we have these shots. :) 

The set up was so sick this year! The favorite being a down bar with a tricky approach from the left side. There was an closeout elbow combination that kept everyone mixing up the bag of tricks. I think 120 kids signed up and rode, making for quite the turn out. 

Thanks to all involved! Especially Powder Ridge and the park crew for all their hard work. 
You guys kill it every year! 



Educational Resources said...

Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

Unknown said...

aw, thank you so much! It was a great day!

ryan paul said...

wish i could have been there. it looks so fun!

Unknown said...

Wish you could have too!! it's chill.. next time man.