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Friday, June 29, 2012

Porter and Sean find small waves.

New Home!

New pad to crash at and fill up with all our junk. :) 

and it has quite a beautiful view. well, not really.. the view is about a block away. 
Just super thankful for a new home with my amazing wife tatum!! 
life is good. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Camping north Maui.

Here's the sights. Wish I could share the sounds.. 

We went camping with an awesome crew of people from Hope Chapel in Kihei. 
It was a pretty secluded and extremely beautiful beach. 

I woke up to some good wind swell pounding on the near by cliffs. I really am starting to feel like I'm waking up from a dream, but I'm still on Maui! This dream is starting to feel like reality... ha, I even get to go to work today. I love it here. 

Thanks for checkin in as always. 


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello Hawaii.


After a day of searching for jobs and places to live a nice break playing in some macking shore break was in order. The waves are pumping, the wind is blowing, and it's a neat thing to experience. Exploring around trying to find something a bit more creative and un-usual may prove to be one of the hardest tasks of my life. Maui has a million surfers on it. It's cool to see, it's also overwhelming. I half expected to go to the islands and find them crowd free... not here. If the beach isn't lined with a 2 dozen tourists then they'll all just be in the line up waiting on waves of their own or dropping in on yours. Kinda a crazy realization for me. None the less, Maui is beautiful and I'm ever so thankful to have the privilege to witness the awesomeness of the landscape and waves in person. Aloha. 


Surf and Sail, Sights of Lahaina.

I was at this beach yesterday and this boat had not yet landed in this spot.. So I knew it happened today. 
I can't imagine being the owner coming out to check on the rig and seeing it washed up on the reef. Bummer. Wave after wave pounded onto the deck and I'd imagine that it's pretty full at this point. Hope everything turns out alright for this guy though. 

Beautiful day and super awesome seeing some waves here. All the boats behind the crashing waves makes for an unreal sight. So surreal, so epic. 

thanks for checkin in


Monday, June 18, 2012

We may as well..

It's not that easy to make a proper roll. Must be one of the reasons this stuff is so expensive. 
Trying it out on our own is way more fun though.. and we get to eat it as we go. Sushi is amazing. 


Beautiful place to be. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Big Beach and some GoPro.

GoPro's are pretty difficult to get the right timing down with.. So I'm real stoked that after shooting about 100 waves I did get some barrel shots. It wasn't very big either, that may have had something to do with it. But, the water is perfectly clear and beautiful and I couldn't ask for better times. 

Stoked to be alive! 


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Maui, HI. :)

First day on the Islands. 
Tatum, our friend Jessica and myself had a fun longboard sesh this evening. 
Pretty melo waves to finish off an epic first day. 


It's beautiful here. Can't wait to see and show more. 


Sunday, June 10, 2012

These past days.

From Florida to Chicago. From Chicago to Minnesota. 
I'm proud to announce that I am currently on my hunnymoon with my beautiful wife Tatum Harrington. :) 

Big things going on all the time these days and I haven't been able to keep up with blogging as much as I would like... But, good news is that there is even bigger surprises to come. I guess you'll just have to wait and see though. 

A few photos from the past weeks. 
If you'd like to see more please check here,

thanks for checkin in.