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Monday, February 28, 2011

one hundred and fifty six tricks


Ozzie's part was the only one I could find.. not a bad find at all though.
I have the whole dvd. Funny thing is, I won it at a pbj comp a long long time ago at Powder Ridge. I guess Mike Thienes has great taste as to what should go in a grab bag at a snow comp.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Danimals and Colby at the hammer spot. We were able to ride it for a bit today, then once again.. kicked out. Starting to hate it.


Mr. Sam Fenton. One of the coolest spots I've seen in MN. I think it looks a ton better at night... get that next year.


Trying to get my mind focused back on surfing for the up-coming months.. this short edit reminded me of shooting with Porter Hogan in Newps. Man I miss it! I cannot wait to get back to it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Another Snowy Cold Day.

Zac Marben.

Sometimes.. its just better to take it easy and play in the park. We were checking out a couple really cool spots then we came across this tire swing. It caught Zac's attention, so we set it up and had a super fun sesh on it.

Zac and Krister, both are happy with shots today.

I'm always stoked to see huddles around the camera because it pretty much means something awesome just happened.

Of course Riley was playing on the swing. Larson got a first row seat to view danimals lip slide!

After the play ground we went to get a bite at Arby's... and it was nap time till the sun went down. Sam and Riley passed out.

Danimals also took a nap. He was really out.
We live interesting lives...

Last spot of the day was epic! Another heavy spot! I was able to snap a few lifestyes and stills.. but yah, we then were booted... it's getting old.

Neat spot for sure! Would love to shoot here again.

Police came and we left. All to familiar of a story this week.

Hoping once again that we can get some work done tomorrow. Who knows, might even get a second chance at the drop rail.. stay tuned.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Cock Fight!!

COCKFIGHT! Teaser - Round 1 from Role Model Productions on Vimeo.

Jim Langer's production "Cock Fight" first teaser came out today! Really excited to see this movie in the fall. Check out more here...


Fresh Spot! check out.


Today's rail had never been hit before... now it has a few solid tricks on it. Temps have dropped back down making today the coldest it's been this late in Feb in ten years. Looks like winter is sticking around a bit longer and the ground hog was wrong.

Zac Marben

A few good slams went down today. Colby taking a nasty digger and Krister wiping the snow off from his slam into the rail.

Watching Riley film is so entertaining. His mind is running the whole time, I'll look over and he'll be brake dancing or something. Never a dull moment with this guy!

Sam snuck over to get the peeing lifestyle of Riley. I snuck a lifestyle of that lifestyle...

Zac and Colby happy about their tricks!

Group huddle around the camera and more lifestyles.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day! I'm pretty amped on the outcome, I'm sure the filmers and riders are also. We have another fun day planned out for tomorrow, stay tuned.

Thanks Guys: Riley Erickson, Sam Fenton, Zac Marben, Krister Ralles, Brandon Larson, Brandon Lepasti(also out shooting photos), and Colby.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick Wall Ride!

Sam Fenton.
I think ADD was kicking in a little too much today... Sam drew it out in the snow. 1817 for life!

Larson! I was testing this angle and messed up the pic a bit.. still kinda cool though.
Just trying to change up my usual and do different things. I like shooting from further back. I feel like getting close is for some people, but not really for me. Angles are a funny thing.

Krister and his epic jersey! Coors light all day long!

This makes me laugh so hard! Danimals and Riley were goofin off, danimals was mirroring riley's movements. Next thing ya know they are both grabbing crotch... hahaha!

It was a rough day. We were kicked out of our first spot which I really wanted to shoot. It happens a lot.. oh well. This wall ride was really cool though! Video shots are amazing!
Shooting more and more for another week.. then Mexico for me. So stay tuned till then!


Volcom PBR at Powder Ridge Edit.

Volcom | PBJ | Powder Ridge, MN from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

The Volcom PBJ this year at Powder Ridge, MN.

Mike Thienes and crew killin it and shooting at their favorite resort. Good job to all the kids getting super tricky! It looks like a lot of hammers went down... these comps are becoming insane!
I am so stoked to see Powder Ridge taking it to the next level with the comps they've held so far this season. I'm anxiously waiting to see where they continue to take and how hard they continue to let kids push it. Sick park, sick riding and awesome edits coming from there this year.
Good luck to all the kids who placed and get to move on to finals. Hoping to see the Midwest once again own it out west in California.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Slow, but fun day.

Brandon Larson: pounding down fresh snow we were given last weekend.

Today we hit this fun little down rail. Built the jump to gap to it so that mad grabs could go down on it. I shot some sequences that I know Larson will be stoked on. He's always asking if I shot in sequence and I usually don't. Today it worked out though. Those will get posted later on.

Once again we were booted out, so lame. It has been happening way to much.
AY on the DFD next to the down rail.

We then met up with Jon Stark and his crew, who were out killin a few spots today... but mostly we just drove around this evening trying to come up with new ideas.. end of the season is starting to hit us. It is looking like this weekend will be good though! Some neat spots in store, stay tuned.

Thanks to the guys today: Austin Young, Brandon Larson, Krister Ralles, Sam Fenton, and Colby from Oregon.


Time Travel?

Am Throwdown - Brandon Rhoades & Jake Durham from Snowboard Magazine on Vimeo.

Jake Durham and Brandon Rhoades video on Snowboarder.

Click on the link to vote! Do it! These guys kill it and I think they deserve it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fresh Snow To Play With.

We did get the snow storm that I've been hoping for. It dumped this last weekend! The fresh snow is keeping us going late in Feb.

I got to go shoot at Harding yesterday with an awesome crew of guys! Danimals, Krister, Gabby, Jonas, Jake, Cody, Riley, and Sam! We were rolling pretty deep. A lot of sick tricks went down... stoked.

Brandon Larson.
Cody, and Krister.


Jonas Michilot and Dan Liedahl.

After finishing up here it was time to shoot a Monday Minute...

Group photo was jakes idea, and it was a great idea!

This rail was so much fun. I built a little QP at the bottom, so proud of it! If your in the area you can check out my park building skills!

I didn't shoot to much here.. just strapped in. Sweet times riding with these guys! One of the best times I've had at a rail.

This is my 500th post on this blog.. Super happy to make it that far. I hope to build that number into the thousands. Just gotta keep shooting!

Thanks so much for checking in!