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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ashbury Demo now posted!

Photo's from this past weekends Ashbury Demo now up on !! 
Check it out. Major thanks to Pete Harvieux, Drew Amer, and all who showed up to participate in the demo at Hyland! It was so fun! Check out the link above to see photos and story. 

Here are some that didn't get posted but are favorites. 

Colin Wilson: He is the future, believe you me. 

I've seen a few crazy things in my time... but this tops most. Boosting off the the tube. So huge!!! landing to the flats beneath. 

Jake Durham has quite an ollie. Made this sign without even braking a sweat. 

Austin Young has a mean roast beef. 

Krister Ralles got a new board, here he wanted to show off the base a bit.. sick methods happening all day. 

Viktor Simco had this demo instagrahmed before it began. On top of that. 

It was sweet. Such a good day. A million people and a million good times, with a million tricks to blog. These were just a few shout outs. 

Thanks again to all who came out! 


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Snowboarder's Superpass, Powder Ridge, MN.

Click on Ezra Jacobson to check out Snowboarder Mag's Superpass recap from Powder Ridge this past weekend. Thanks to Drew Amer from Snowboarder and all the park crew for the sweet setup, of course to all who came out to enjoy some turns and airs. 


Monday, February 27, 2012

last month's 35mm.

Brandon Phillips hooked me up with a couple disposable film cameras, the Etnies Step Up. Sadly discontinued, but once a great idea. I think, should be once again. This roll was pretty much a beach camera used in San Clemente, Dana Point, and even a few from a secret spot in Laguna Beach. 
Fun to shoot and shoot with. Even more fun to put into photo albums. I'm backing the Step Up. 

Brandon Phillips in the black wetsuit, Porter Hogan in the red and grey, and Aaron Gomez giving aproval of a sick surf sesh at state beach. 

Step it up!! 


Sunday, February 26, 2012

1st annual Ashbury Demo, Hyland, MN!

Thanks to Joe Sexton for the creativity last night as we closed off the 1st Ashbury Demo here in MN. 
More photos will come soon, but you'll have to check 

Thanks to all who came out, pete with ashbury, and drew from snowboarder for hosting the event and especially Hyland hills for the intense rope tow rides and well groomed park! 


Friday, February 24, 2012

RP vs JP camp.

Last weekend Ryan Paul and Jesse Paul held a camp at Trollhaugen. This was their crew. 
It was a three day camp through Summit Boardshop where you could hang out and get trick tips from a few of the Midwests best riders. The park was all time and the weather felt like April. So sick. Sunny and soft with awesome new features including a triple kink from Troll. I'll be hoping this happens again cause I had a blast. 

2nd place medalist in x games real street! RP singing a girls scouts cookie box. 

I think it was for Jeffy Gabrick's girl friend. That'll go on the wall. 

Thanks to RP, JP, Troll, Summit, all the kids, and the troll crew who kept everything super fresh all weekend. It was tight hanging out and being apart of snowboarders giving back some time to the kidos. 


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well, this last week has had its fair share of ups and downs I'd say. 

The Downs, my computers graphics card went out and I freaked. I thought for sure my hard drive kicked it and I thought I was going to loose a weeks worth of shooting with RP, Brandon Hammid and Nial Romanik.. Thankfully a graphic/video card is fairly inexpensive and very quick fix. Back at it and my hearts back in my chest again. 

The Ups, Snow in the twin cities. Yesterday I got to shoot my second day in MN. 2 days in a season so far.. I'll take what I can get. It goes into the 'ups' cause it was a rad day shooting with the homies again. About time!! 

'The Future' at a familiar spot. 

If I could pick a line of board graphics to go into snowboardings hall of fame, Monuments collection this year would be my first pick. 'the Future' and 'I'm still alive' are my two all time favorite base graphics. Dave, you can put that on every deck you make from now on. 
Monument is worth looking into. Artist driven, shredder ridden. 

I haven't been spending much time in the twin cities this winter... It just wasn't looking like a good winter and California just looked sooo good. But, it it so sick being back and kicking it with good friends again. Krister, Cody, and Sam. Sickest crew ever. 

Garret McKenzie
 It's not everyday we pretend to shoot powder in MN. Two full inches of spray, why not? 
Garret laying into a Wild Slash. 

I had pictured that these would turn out totally different.. but I forgot that an inch or two of sun burned snow doesn't really explode. Its hard to put that stuff in the air. Krister did what he could and all for fun. yah, people still snowboard and shoot for fun, its one of those amazing things. 

Well, I am stoked to be back online and blogging!
 Missed a few days there... I'll make it up real soon. 

stay tuned! Midwest mayhem coming up this weekend! Ashbury demo starts it off at 4pm, hyland hills this Sat. See ya there! 


Out of function.

Sorry about the lack of updates.. My computer is man downed right now! The graphics card went out in it the last day of my michigan trip.. ouch. currently it's at an apple store having a new brain put into it. I should be back online in a couple days. just in time for the first ever Ashbury Demo here in MN and then also this weekend is Snowboarders Super Pass! Should be a good week.

So, I'll get back on it as soon as I can, until then, get off the computer and go slide it sideways folks! I will be... :)



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

to wax a board.

The 'How to Wax' edit.

First, grab a propane tank and handle from your nearest hardware store. 

then heat the wax up to melting temperature and apply to board. 

once completed celebrate like Brandon Hammid. 

A properly waxed snowboard will often lead to exhausted filmers. Beware of the extreme effects of a super fast deck, it is addicting to shred. 

May also lead to exhausted riders. 
Nial Romanik and Brandon Hammid, almost to the room, but not quite there. 

Days and days and days of shredding our minds out. Today was almost a day off, but those just turn into awesome fun snowboarding days leading to really long days at epic spots. Today was a great day!

thanks for checkin in, 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy day!

Brandon got his trick after a long battle so we all freaked out and went nuts for a minute. 
Times like these keep me soo stoked!! wait for Think Thanks new movie to see whats worth the hype. 
yeee boi!! 


Saturday, February 11, 2012


Spot check. 

Goofy kid know as RP. 
3d glasses from the movies, makes life a little more interesting I guess.
We went to see Star Wars in real 3d, and it wasn't really in 3d... they changed a couple scenes, glasses not needed for the movie. 

oh snap! 
... seriously. 
Brandon Hammid with the first board break. 

It was one of those board breaking days. 

RP with the second break. 
Rail 2, Boards 0. 

 Funny thing is, if you put the boards together their length would just about equal the length of the rail. Oh well. Hopefully tomorrow will be a lil brighter. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ocean & Earth Post.

Ocean and Earth once again posting some of my photos of Porter Hogan. Always stoked! 

check it here. 


kinda spot check.

Yesterday, Hammid and Lucey checking shots. 

Lucey works!! One of the few filmers I've ever seen put some serious shovel time in! 
Making that landing so juicy! 

Ryan ate a McDonalds three times and peed nine times in one spot. 
Do work!! 
McCafe ad? 

and sometimes rp likes hanging up side down of railings... 

Heavy hitting crew: Nial Romanik, Brandon Hammid, Ryan Paul. 

We got more snow today so this trip is looking soo good!! amped to see what pops up tomorrow and in the next few days. Till then, hot tub and hopefully a chill evening in store. See ya tomorrow world. 


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Think Thank!

Description of life. Droppin in. 

Photo: Ryan Paul! 

Think Thank's Sean Lucey and Nial Romanik. 
Pizza is the food of choice. 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back at it.

There's snow again, so we're back at it. 
Nial Romanik lify. 

More to come, stay tuned! 


Sunday, February 5, 2012

One Thousand Days of Blogging.

It's kinda hard to believe it's been that long... 1,000 days since this blog was started. 
This is my 716th post and I don't dare count how many photos, stories, and images have been featured, but it's well over 1,000. 

It all began because of Ricky Tucker. His blog got me going on mine exactly 1,000 days ago. 
Since I haven't seen much of that blog but its Ricky Tucker and he's the man for many, many reasons. 
As for me, I love the progression of things and I plan to keep on going with this. 

Above are two images created because I didn't have much to do today and I'm not a 'foot'(hand?)ball fan. Enjoy the superbowl commercials, I'm gunna go shred empty slopes. 

stay sideways my friends. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

the Maven.

I was riding this boot today and got so stoked on it that I wanted to tell everyone. Since the first time my feet went into them they have been the most comfortable boot I have ever put on. Joey's signature touch is a shorter, softer boot made to be used in urban snowboarding, or if you're from the midwest perfect for towropes. I've always been bothered by a boot that digs into the bottom of my calf muscles and cuts off blood flow after long periods of towrope riding. 32 took an inch or so off this boot and BAM!! problem solved. No more dead feet. Check this boot out, your feet will thank you. 


Life With:

Life With: Jordan Small. 
You may not believe this, but jordan is sweeping human feces of the pavement so he can skate the barrier. Welcome to Denver. 

Life With: Richie Conklin. 
Resting on an old bank's curb during a skate sesh. Not even out of downtown Denver you can find vacant lots already destroyed by time and a lack of care. 

Life With: Brandon Phillips. 
Brushing his teeth early morning watching the snow fall from the 7th floor of a hotel. Welcome to life on the road and unfamiliar views. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snowboarding with Pete.

Pete Harvieux. 
Aka, the Man. 

These past few days os SIA are enough to make anyone go nuts, so it's a good thing that after SIA they do an on snow demo where reps and riders actually get to participate in what they are selling, snowboarding. Tuesday morning I shot a few runs with pete, here's that outcome. It's a tricky thing to ride hard and shoot at the same time, but, it's just snowboarding, so who cares? Enjoy. 


Marie Hucal. 

Cameron Strand, one of Michigan's best in photography and riding. 

Slashes for days. 


Slashing signs and Ollies. 
No better way to spend a day. 

Thanks for the fun guys!! It was epic. 

Hmm.. Hoping for some snow cause I'm now back in MN. 
Anyone think winter will make a small comeback this spring? 
I heard that the groundhog saw his shadow.. so we'll see if this spring gives a little more love than the warm winter. 

In high hopes!!!