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Thursday, December 27, 2012

RP's part. Speeaachless!!! sick.

Mind the Video Man Ryan Paul part

Ryan Paul's part from Mind the Video Man. 

Soooooo sick!!! I spent about a month in Michigan with RP this last winter shooting photos of a lot of these spots.. I love this part. Watching RP put this together was insane. He's one of a kind thats for sure! 

God Bless ya RP! Miss ya man. 


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

the Great Humpback Whale.

Good Morning Maui. :) 
Front row view of the new day and volcano, Mt. Haleakala. 

It was such a cool morning with my babe, Tatum. We took a trip out on the Ocean Intrigue this morning to watch some whales. I wasn't expecting such an active morning! We came across a few different groupings including one group with challenging males fighting for mating rights. The whales were close, huge, powerful and playful! It was tight. 

I've been seeing them a lot from the shore recently but its nothing like seeing them up close and personal. I'd put this on the bucket list if you haven't had the chance to see it yet, it is a must see. 

thanks for checkin in.. 


Monday, December 17, 2012

Playing at Big Beach.

Some more from Tatum and I's favorite hangout spot on the south side, big beach. 
The water was so clear yesterday I couldn't help but shoot a few... :) 

thanks for checkin


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Aqua Dump and "the porthole".

Some of the finishing photos for Porter Hogan's "porthole" board. 
Joey glassed this with me the past few evenings.. It's been really amazing seeing the finish of this board.  I've been watching this since day one, that first pass with the sander until the last few drips of resin were cleaned up on the sides. Its been an awesome experience. 

Special thanks to Joey and Zach for putting so much time into this board. In a few weeks Porter will be out here on maui with myself searching for the best waves the island has to offer. We'll be able to see all the hard work that has been put into this board come to life as porter puts in his hard work using it. :) can't wait. 

thanks for checking in 


FLP Camp At Wild!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

if every morning started this way... we'd all be so happy.

This mornings take. 
On 'the road to Hana' we stopped and surfed a cool beach break. Good conditions early were mucked out with heavy trade winds filling in as we were at the spot.. session went well, but there's room for improvement on this one. I got to use my new wide angle and am getting used to the whole being in the water and attempting to be in the right place... it takes a good skill to be on it. Mad props to all the guys who have this dialed. I did get a few shots that I'm stoked on, and a few fillers that are just, well, beautiful in hawaii. 

thanks to Jeff Gagnon and his roomy Justin for surfing well. 
We'll be at it more soon. 

thanks for checkin in


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tatum Harrington :)

Maui sunsets are wondrous... Never gets old. 

My wife styled out a few shots for me this evening while we were enjoying our time on big beach. Thanks tatum, you're beautiful. :) 

thanks all for checkin it out. 


Big Beach and da Boys.

Yesterday afternoons big beach wave storm and body surf sesh, complete success. 

Jake Randall hanging five. 

Lookin for the mini dip. 

Chris Binoeder smooth stylin.
 Trying to get to the inside barreling board breaker. 

Water will be coming out of my nose for days after this sesh... awesome. 

thanks for checkin in, 


Ho'okipa this morning.

If you know me, then you probably could guess that these are some of the most exciting photos I've ever posted on my blog because they are among the first surfing images I've had the privilege of shooting with a water housing. From sun up to sun down I was in the water today, loving it. 

Maui is so beautiful. Some of these images begin to show that. The waves, the mountains, the water, the sky.. its epic here. Enjoy my take. 

justin with a lil cover up. 
Waves weren't huge this morning but it was a perfect time to go get some water time in.. and most of the surfers out there were really making the most out of the calm conditions. 

jake randall frontside turn off the top. 

I ended the day at big beach playing in and shooting the shore break. we took wave storms out and stormed the break, more on that to come... so fun. 

I'm tired and off to bed. Goodnight all.