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Friday, December 30, 2011

Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson is a ripping shredder! Yesterday at Troll I watched him do a handful of things I would have never come up with on my own and definitely would be hesitant to try. Tonight we were shooting some Monument photos in front of our monument, the state capital... nothing else to do, so why not? 

It's still warm enough out on the last hours of december to chill in a hoodie for hours at a time outside... brutal. I'm about to pack bags and head for waves.... can't stand this brown town any longer. But, tomorrow is Cash for Kids!! Academy's comp at Hyland Hills. Jonas and Jordan Michilot will be there tossing a few dollars at awesome tricks landed. Come enjoy the last day of the year with us!! 

thanks for checkin in. 


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some more Wild fun.

Hmmmm.... Well, hope you all had an awesome Christmas and are looking forward to an amazing new year! With that.. I really would be stoked if the new year brought us some fresh snow.  : /

Instead of the usual handrail sessions that are happening this time of year, we have been resort riding day after day after day. I guess It's not at all that bad when you look at it as a hobby or a sport, but if it's your 'job' it's leaving us hurting this year. 

To not let it get us down to badly I grabbed a bunch of 32 promo and Austin Young, Krister Ralles, Dave Parker and myself did a lil jib fest for stickers and Ammo copies. It was fun stoking the kids out and tossing in some extra christmas cheer. :) 

Digger of the day!!! Can't believe I shot it.. lucky. 
Good news is, he's alright. :) 

Austin Young posing a contemplating look. 

Looks good there doesn't it? 

As is tradition this season, I brought some Venison to grill up for a midday break. 
Oh man. 

Kritter came up with a Venison dog. 

And kritter smash!!!!! 
I bet that was tasty. 

So yah, hope we get snow! If not, see on the slopes. 
keep sliding sideways my friends! 


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I was out snowboarding at Wild Mountain this afternoon into the evening. Man, it was so fun out there. I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas! Awesome time with family in the morning, friends: Austin Young and Ethan Deiss in the afternoon, and skyping with my beautiful girl Tatum in the evening. Everything I could ask for. Thank you Jesus! 

I guess we could all start praying for snow? Just an idea.. maybe to bring in the new year? It's not supposed to happen, but hey, there's power in prayer. 

Even with no snow, go check out your local resort! I've been to most of the ones in the midwest this past week, and they are all so fun right now! It's been a good winter for resorts to make parks, cold enough to make snow and warm enough to keep it soft. Go use your new shred gear(hopefully some 32 gear) and go ride. :) 


Merry Christmas to all! 


Friday, December 23, 2011

A Midwest week with ThirtyTwo.

Joe Sexton and a Midwest backdrop. 


Brandon Phillips. 

On the Road. 
ThirtyTwo Demo truck 'white lightning', Joe Sexton and Brandon Phillips. 

32 ahead. 
You know it. 

In the hotel; relaxing and doing some sharpie work on the boards. 

1817 with Joe. 

I should blog a post of brandons playlist. 

We were given quite a nice dinner first night at Devil's Head. 

Joe playing the part of a high roller. 

Cheers to the week! 

Yummy. Thank you! 

Next day, did some riding. 
Sick 'Lil Ollie over the benches. 


what next man? 

Ollie Gap. 

Trevor, this kid was pretty funny and fun to hang out with. 

Cole Linzmeyer, Gap to Boardslide. whaaa! 

Viktor Simco! 

This park is as icy as it looks. It did however make for a really good time during the day. 
Night was just icy, but soooo fast. Grass runs for days. 

Pre-party hair cut. 
no possible mullet.  

happens every time. 

that finger was licked... 
Joe taking it cool. 

oh joe. ;) 

Don't do it!! haha. it was a joke, he didn't pull it. Just for the photo!

Cole and Brandon. 

Spirit Mtn. Duluth, MN!!


Myself and mike up in Duluth. Beautiful day. 
Thanks to Damage for the evening! 
You guys are great! That was awesome. 

Hyland Hills Crew. 

It was awesome hanging out with crowds of kids and tossing some stickers and product around! 
Letting the kids know we care and that we would like to see them support a brand that is supporting snowboarding and themselves back! 

Solid week of fun. 
Thanks for checking in! 

32 For Life!
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Etnies is Rad.

Check out this link to the Etnies Page.
Each Year Etnies gives away 500 pairs of shoes to kids in need of such things.
Pretty cool edit located here..

They are making a difference! We can also.

Support the brands that give support! Know what your buying when you buy it and be proud.
Sol Tech for life!!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Lighting up Trollhaugen.

Scott Kulzer. 

Went to Trollhaugen today to shoot some photos and take some turns. The outcome, a sick day!!! 
Before shooting photos I had a fun sesh only to be continued by really fun photo sesh on this jump/hip. 

Dave Parker and Austin Young. 

Tj Anstidal and Scott Kulzer(huge back 3 to flat!)

Krister Ralles and Ethan Deiss boosting some mad airs!! 

Dave Parker. 


Colin Bernklau

Kritter Smash!! 

Chris Eck. 

Troll crew! Tj, Kritter, and Scott. 



Ay learning some handplanting skills. 

That's the jist of the evening. Not a bad evening. 
I'm having a blast learning these lights and playing with tons of new options in photography. 
Can't wait to see what happens next... 

Thanks to Troll for features and fun! 
And of course to Cowboy for the awesome lift up the hill with my gear! 
thanks man.