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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Photo of the Day. #1.

This image is of Porter Hogan from this last summer surfing in Laguna Beach. 

My thoughts behind this... As I was laying out pages for SBN #5 I came across the photo of the backside ollie and one of an amazing sunset over Catalina Island. While attempting to keep my already 142 page mag short enough to keep a readers attention and tons more photos to go I began to work with methods I usually stay away from, like editing a photo(I don't edit other than minor color corrections, I hate editing photos). But this one.. why not overlap it and play with the opacity? I think the final image turned out very well. The simplicity of what I did to create an unusual look. The same sunset shot from down low, and one up high with porter and his sick style. I dunno.. turned out to really like it. You can find this image in SBN #5, pages 94-95. 


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