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Friday, October 12, 2012

Surfing Honolua Bay with Coconut Willie.

First glimpse wasn't too bad.. As soon as I got there I was itching to shoot and see more. 

Willie Hunt aka 'coconut willie'. 
He took me out to show me the bay and to hopefully score a few photos for him. 

this was one of the better sets I saw go through, there were only two or three waves that had this size. 
Lucky to be on one. 


Willie's little bro. 

the one that escaped. 
few waves went unridden.. i don't know how this one crept through untouched. 

pounding of the day! 

My favorite angle from the day. 
Willie probably scored a shot or two from the photog in the water. 

Jealous! and working on fixing that problem. :)

...and what a hike out. 

Good day out there. So amazing to watch that surf sesh. 
Thanks Willie for showing me around. 


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