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Thursday, October 4, 2012

South Swell.

Swell at a well known, but tucked away surf spot on the south side of Maui. 
We got lucky and experienced it with very few people out.. here's the shots from our last south swell. 

Jacob Randall relaxing on a nice left. 

there were a couple locals out who were ripping hard!
 I didn't get their names.. I just know that I wish I could surf like they can. 

big left. 

Goats are pretty common here on Maui. They aren't very shy either... If you ever brought a packed lunch I suspect that it and your backpack would be mowed down before you came back in to the beach. 

scenery shot. 
I love the water here on maui. It's pretty epic to be out surfing diving under waves and seeing clear through them. Pretty neat. 

thanks for checkin in. 


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