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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

From the Ocean.

I'm left in awe. 

Hows that? Snorkel trips on Maui.. wide open ocean, and your work place is a boat. Some days we see nature just being natural, actually, everyday we see that. Today was another dolphin day. Yesterday we saw all three types of dolphins here in the Islands. We saw Spinners, Bottle Nose, and Spotted dolphins. Today we saw spinner and spotted. The photo above is a large pod of spotted dolphins either being playful with the boat or engaged in feeding. I think they were feeding because there were a lot of birds around... Who cares, the amazing part was looking up to see a school of a few hundred dolphins start launching into the air! Discovery channel has nothing on this. That is real life happening right in front of our eyes, epic. 

and of course a Honu. :) 

never get sick of these guys. Its as cool seeing them today as it was seeing my very first one. 

thanks for checking in. 


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