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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Second Look.

I went back into some photos from earlier this year. A few things about each one caught my eye. I was trying to figure out how I can show what I want to portrait better than I had. So I cropped them... I like how this turned out. I think t will give me a better idea of how to shoot what I want next time.

Thanks for lookin.

Brandon Larson

Cody Bersdorf

Dan Hanson

Taylor O'Harrow

Pat Garvin

Travis Miranda

Aslo Travis.

Harmony. 'h money'

I really like these pics of Victor Simco.



Victor B Simco

Lance Hakker.

Dan Hanson

Huntington Beach

Friday, October 16, 2009

.Sherowski Daily.

Have you ever been bored on the internet? For sure you have, everyone finds them selves spaced out starring into the endless world wide web at some point. Anyways, don't be bored, check out the Sherowski Daily. I'm stoked on Jenifer's input. Everything from Snowboarding to what music she is into at that time, to what she wants to bake. She is pretty amazing at getting her point across also, as she is an editor for Transworld Snow. Also a major plus is that she is from Portland, Oregon and works at(out of) Nemo Design. I wish I could work with Trevor every day. But don't take my word for it, check it for yourself, and don't be scared to read! There is lots to be read!



All playing at your local theater this evening. For more details, 1817.

See you there.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ethan Deiss.

What better things to do on a rainy day other than go through your hard drive. These are some photos that I also did for a school project. Ethan was down to shoot some pics so everything worked out good. His style is outstanding, and skill is pretty much unmatched. From insane nose presses to banking a rainbow rail, he throws down.

Austin Young gets one pic. The rest are Ethan killin it.

FLP Troll Comp and Randoms from a while ago!

Riley Erickson tail blocking.

This is some snowboarding from I think '07. Troll at night was and still is the funnest way to pass time in MN. Hitting handrails and stuff is fun, but a sesh at the local fun farm is always the way to go. This night we were all goofing off. I had a school project to do and of course I pick snowboarding above anything else to shoot.

Austin Young: Back when he was on Palmer.


Ethan Deiss

Jeffy Gabrick is now a Wizard!


Krister Ralles grabbing Ethan's deck from the deck.

Got it!

Chaz Chaffee. I uses these photos for a long time. Chaz and I were both really stoked on them.

Pat Campanaro. Nose Blocking the whole box.

Pat on the jump from the comp.

I think this is Korey Kessler, not sure though...


And Ethan, damn he was crazy back then, wait, he's even better now! This kid has always been good.

Riley Erickson.

The gang.

Ha Ha Ha. Wow, Amanda Renner falling over? She's an inspiration for all of us.

Ethan, give this kid some sugar and this is what you'll be seeing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coffeleto and hanging out.

Headed into uptown to kick it with my best friend forever, Jesse. Looking for things to do we found a cool little coffee shop that had the surprise of this basement. Its a fun little place.

Jesse Ostendorf.

The basement had a ping pong table in it! So we played 2 games, I won one, Jesse the other. We then decided to call it even forever leaving the question of who could have won the third...

Below: We set the camera on the table and shot a bunch of goofy pics. I guess this is what kids all hyped up on coffee and cigarettes do!

Da Bunner!

Haha, yah good times...

Crazy art all over.

Sweeeeet!!! Now I can play ping pong every time I'm bored in Up-Town.


My new friend Grace Lanz.

... her room...

She loves Dino's and shrooms, rad!

Chillin and studying. She has her ethics down.

I want a wall of Polaroids like this one.