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Monday, June 22, 2009

Youth Against

youth against: growing up, work, responsibilities, politics... establishment.

Know what you support.


What a trip, I went from living in the sweetest place I have ever been too, all the way back to my parents house. Kinda bums me out... But, take a look at the upside. I managed to snake a few shots out of the backyard today. Not really the most original work ever shot, but hey, I'm pretty bored.

Summer on Forest Lake.

So here I am again. Chillin in MN on its beautiful lakes, with beautiful sunny days and epic sunsets. This last weekend was one of the better times out here. A good morning of wakeboarding lead into an amazing afternoon with some wake surfing and hanging out by a fire to end it all. I love going out on the lake all day and kickin it, forgetting about all the stupid drama that everyday life holds. From me to you, get out there and kick it yourself. Peace.

Micah McGinnity: Frontside Slash

Tyler Smith

Tyler: Grabbing Rail

Don Came out and dumped his stress in the lake too! Enjoying the lake is the way to go!


Amber Tonn


Donny cooking up some grub!

On the point later that day.

Micah and Russie.

Amanda Renner: Gold Tape.

Aw, cute.

Yo Peeeaaayyccceee!!!!

Picture Perfect

Tyler Smith: Cruising back from the point.

Pretty epic.

Nice fire at Blakes to end the evening.

Friday, June 19, 2009

the only good reason to get up at 6am...

to be here. Salt Creek, Ca.

Little different....

So I am trying to use my blog as something a little different than what I have been doing. I want to use it to show what I am up too, what I am interested in, and the Photos I take along the way. I have decided that I am less of an artist than I am a regular guy with a camera in my hand. So I will stop trying to make my work art, and I'm just going to enjoy showing as many people as possible all the cool things that I run into. Life is a privilege, use it.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

West St.

Check out two edits down. More photos from West St. Beach.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Micah McGinnity: Front 3

Micah and I hit the lake this weekend to soak up some rays and grab some airs. He's still got the most stylish 3's I've ever seen thrown on a wakeboard, always killing it.

Driving that boat. Stylish.

West St. Beach Clean Up.


Beach Clean Up! Looks Bad Right?

Brandon, Ross, and I decided that it would be a good idea to go clean up one of our favorite spots in Laguna. None of us expected to find quite so much junk lying under a thin layer of sand. We had been having campfires and were also sleeping here a lot and had no clue of what we were sleeping on. I think its crazy that no one got a nail in their foot or glass in their ass! I'm bummed out to think that people think they can go down to the beach, use all of its beauty, and leave their trash, broken bottles, cans, and everything else down there. Its sad and makes me a little irritated.

Brandon: Broken Bottle Were Everywhere

Ross Filling Up One of Many

So one Sunday afternoon the three of us decided that we should claim the West St. beach as our project. We love to use so we should clean it up. We brought a few bags down to throw the trash in and a rake to clean up some of the soot and coal that was spread out. After about 20 min into the project we all realized that it was going to take a lot longer than expected. One sweep with the rake exposed handfuls of nails and shards of glass. We could sit in one spot sifting through one square foot filling up our hands dropping them in the garbage then go right back to that spot to do it again. After a long afternoon of blacking our hands and feet we felt like we had got the brunt of the trash out of the sand. I then built a fire ring to hopefully contain the trash and nails.

We started putting a few of our handfulls on this rock. It didn't take long to get this pile growing large. It looked bad on top, but all this was looming just out of sight in the sand. If you sifted your hand on the top it all just came up.

Close Up of the Trash

Ross Levell: Hands

So please, clean up after yourself when you enjoy nature! It doesn't matter if your on the beach or in a campsite in the Rockies. You bring it, you take it back. The last thing we need is the government making it illegal to enjoy these privileges because we don't pick up after ourselves. Keep your fire in a fire ring and the trash in a can. If your burning wood with nails in it sift through it the next day and take out as much as you can. Its not hard to do and the reward for having a clean camp spot is an awesome time for you, your friends and your neighbor the next time.

Thanks! and enjoy God's beautiful world!



Yo! You got a dirty face! And a dirty Ashbury Shirt! oh what? is that also Deckem on ross? think so!

Who wants to sit on that?

This is pretty cool. Brandon grabbed some fresh sand and threw it in the mix, raked it, and made some fire designs.


Ross being proud of our much cleaner chill spot. Look at the before and after on this.

Brandon enjoying a few brews and getting artsy again, stackin it up.
These bottles made it to the trash for sure by the way.

Business meeting at a late night camp fire on West St. Perfect.

Our company!

Take care of our beaches! Peace.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

8 Stair In Dana Point

Dana Point is full of fun stuff to skate. Check it out if your in the area.

Madison Goodman

Back to MN for a bit.

So I am back in good old MN again. Life here is so much different than what I had remembered it as... Anyways, here's a pic of my bro's and I right before I got to LAX. Miss these doods already!

Ross, Me, Madison, Brandon.

Fortress Shades

Brandon Phillips.