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Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer on Forest Lake.

So here I am again. Chillin in MN on its beautiful lakes, with beautiful sunny days and epic sunsets. This last weekend was one of the better times out here. A good morning of wakeboarding lead into an amazing afternoon with some wake surfing and hanging out by a fire to end it all. I love going out on the lake all day and kickin it, forgetting about all the stupid drama that everyday life holds. From me to you, get out there and kick it yourself. Peace.

Micah McGinnity: Frontside Slash

Tyler Smith

Tyler: Grabbing Rail

Don Came out and dumped his stress in the lake too! Enjoying the lake is the way to go!


Amber Tonn


Donny cooking up some grub!

On the point later that day.

Micah and Russie.

Amanda Renner: Gold Tape.

Aw, cute.

Yo Peeeaaayyccceee!!!!

Picture Perfect

Tyler Smith: Cruising back from the point.

Pretty epic.

Nice fire at Blakes to end the evening.
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