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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nine Star skate shop.

Such a dope lil skate spot. Nine Star killing it with this indoor mini ramp set up. I met one of the team riders today, 13 year old max, and this kid shreds. He's got some smooth talent for that age.



... He asked me what I wanted to take pics of. I asked what he wanted to ride. So he dropped in on the spine and left it for dead.



Starting things out right. Adam Mejia. Cross St. Surf.

Its going to be a beautiful day...

Today started for me at bright and early 6am. I jumped on my bike and headed down to Cross St. in Laguna Beach. I met up with Adam Mejia, local killa shredder. The waves were big there.. but a little to unorganized. Jumped outa the water and went north a few blocks to Thalia St. where the surf was sick! A few more local shreds sprung on this lovely morning and scored some waves of their own.

I think I got about 2 1/2 hours of shooting in today on the beach. That felt great, its been to long. Glad to be back here, glad to be shooting with Addam again!

... Cross St. to Thalia St...

It was clean faces all morning.

... Almost so good...

pretty stoked on my first day back to shoot surfing! I think I might start a habit of long bike rides in the morning and shooting for a few hours before I have to take on real life. Its an amazing way to start a day.



Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Venice Beach.

Starting things out right. Madison Goodman taking care of business on wavey 1/4's. Venice Beach, Ca.

Such an interesting, strange, legendary place. Upon my return visit to Venice Beach I realized that the second look was far better than the first. As a skater it is paradise. No one would dare tell you to quite skating on a busy sidewalk, rather they will step aside and give you room. The history of Venice Beach is skateboarding, surfing, lounging on and off the beach and not caring about anywhere but there. Here is a landmark of California style.

Seeing old school skaters that have been living their lifestyle since the day they were born into it was tight. Sitting outside of a Mexican taco joint talking to a man in his 40's.. telling stories of Dog Town and Z-boys and among numerous other names out of the skate industry, of which any skater would recognize. He says, "today I get paid 20$ an hour to scrape pigeon shit, back then i just skated with my bro's. But i tell you what, its the life!" As he sat smoking a bowl outside at the table.. no fear, no regret.

What I thought was funny is its such a crack head town. Bums fill the streets, playing guitars, dressing funny, all trying to beg a dollar. In front of Muscle Beach was a man who looked to be in his fifties. He was black with skin that looked as if it had seen the sun for 5,000 days straight, an old body that looked as if it had spent as many days in the gym as it had the sun. He stood there with an heir about him as if fame and fortune were all he knew at one point, now age and the changing of times took there toll, leaving him and crowds like him alone on the beach.

this is one way to earn a dollar... ?

The first time I ever saw this guy was about five years ago in the skate film "contrast" He tells a few jokes, makes people laugh... earns his dollar. It was sweet seeing him though, a strange icon in my perception of skating.

Still, at an amazing skate park less than one year old a new generation awaits their time for the beach cities to send them its love; Fame and Fortune. In the mix of skaters at the park are old dogs still claiming their territory, watching and inspiring the multitude of youth skating bowls with them. As I look at Venice Beach I see a training grounds for skating, and its been that way from the beginning. It seems that Venice has had its time, but, that it will see many more times. The old and sometimes crazy mixed in with the new and surely crazy, yet talented as ever.

We had a great day in Venice.

Skate day!

Bowls and Flow = Cruising.

A bro of mine Nick.

The above two pics are pretty sweet to me. As a photographer i see a lot of faces and maybe pay more attention to things going on around me than most people. These kids were cruising around top the waves having an obvious blast.

Possibilities at this park go on and on....

haha. only in cali. Hash bar.

this guy walked out of Muscle Beach. Madison made fun of him, now i am. laaame!!!



the Beach.

What better way to end the day... lets drive through Hollywood in rush hour! dumb. ha.