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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bear Mnt. Junk Yard Jam

The Junk Yard at Bear is a pretty fun place to spend an afternoon. There are countless options of old rusty pipes, computer tables, stumps and everything else that can be slid or bonked. I have a good feeling these are just a few of the photo's that will be coming out of the Junk Yard this year. Along with my regular crew the Norwiegen crew also came along for some fun. I can't understand half of wht there saying but i'm sure there all good things... Anyways, i will be visiting this spot more and hopefully get some more shots here. As of now I am loving cali and never want to leave. haha, we'll see what happens. 


Remember kids, always wear your seatbelt! 

Dan Hanson throwing up a method. 

Viktor Simko. More bonks??? I think so.

Kids from Norway know how to shred! 


That Lib Tech is getting some scandinavian love! 

Viktor 5-0.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Some more shreddin!

Andrew going big on the hip! We have the most fun on this feature!

Viktor, little bonk there... little bonk here...

Put this photo with the above photo and you have an epic slash! haha.
Self Portrait.

Below: Pat.

A day with Ashbury.

Dang! It was an epic day at Bear! We got to ride with some of the team and the owner lance(in the red sweater...). All around a very fun!!!

How many Ashbury goggles can u see???

Some of this, some of that.

Pretty much this has been the best trip of my life thus far. I have met some of the raddest peeps in the world. I have had amazing opportunities with my photography, and i believe it is just the beginning. I do miss home and my friends a bit... well maybe a lot, But i am super grateful about my new friends and the people i have met here in Big Bear.

Lets all keep it real and see ya on the snow!


Pat, he likes to do board slides a lot...

Viktor, always lookin good!

Sad story, liz broke her wrist 2 days before she had to go back home to Michigan. That would bum out anyones trip... duh. It was a sad afternoon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

John Dankha

I was lucky enough to stop at John Dankha Art Gallery in Seal Beach, CA. I stopped in and chatted for a bit and like all good artist he was nice enough to share some good advice and talk about methods of photography. Please check out his gallery online at

Good stuff here!


Beach day.

We went over to Huntington Beach this last weekend to see the ocean again! I don't even know how to say how much i love it here...

check these pics from the weekend.


pow pow!

Powder day at Bear, Viktor Simco.

Breaking for lunch.

Powder day at Bear Mtn! We just keep ending up in the right places. With fresh snow in southern Utah and northern Arizona are trip started out with ditch pow slashes, now continuing on to epic days on the slopes. I think the total snowfall was 2ft, not bad for some MN rail kids. I am however hoping for some warm weather to do some photo shoots in the sun. I'll try to throw some stuff up soon!


Friday, February 13, 2009


Me and Viktor decided to take a small detour while on our way to cali. In the nick of time we figured out a shortcut to Phoenix, Arizona. The road is 89 south. The craziest raod i have ever driven down for sure. With very few towns and a whole lot of nothing I would say it is a must on the return list. The above photos are from some of that drive and also from the next days hike up Camel Back Mountain, which is in the middle of Phoenix.