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Friday, February 13, 2009

Fresh Tip Comp, Kansas City.

The comp took place in a really cool square. In the middle was a big stage and dance floor which Fresh Tip put our ramp and rails on. Surrounding the square was a whole mess of bars and night clubs. A pretty rad place to hold any event!



We had steady jams all day long!

Viktor Simco, notice the t-shirt... haha!


Some shred heads...

Ryan Paul

There's kinda a bunch of random photos here, but it was all for the Fresh Tip Comp in Kansas City. It was a pretty sweet day filled with me judging some of the local kids as they tried to make the top 16 riders. Those 16 were combined with Midwest invites and local pro-ams. All around a very fun day! I got to hang out with my bro's, have a few drinks, and watch a lot of people eat shit.
Congrats to Tom! winning the comp and walking away a few hundred richer than he came.
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