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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barrels at Salt Creek! Whoa!

Yesterday was a fun morning to shoot at creek! It was a lil cloudy but I think it turned out better that way. Barrels were huge and long. What a good day!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Strands and Mn kids.

I wanted to take my friends to one of my favorite beaches here in Dana Point. Strands Beach is at the top off the list.

Viktor and Pat

RP found his wave

pat trying to not get wet.

So proud of the snail he found.

Mr. Crabs

Pat has Crabs!!!

...and RP has ground beef.

We came across a place where a man balanced rocks. We were amused and stopped to watch and learn.


RP and Pat balancing.

Its cool what you can find here. One more thing for us all to enjoy. Thanks Larry Martin.

Strands Beach, Dana Point, Ca.

So stoked to see my bro's here! Its been the best! Were skatin, chillin, and making life happen every day.


Monday, March 15, 2010

A few good days...


Its been such a hectic week.. non-stop action from all fronts. I got back from a bike trip in San Diego last week to be greeted by new friends with skate deck in their hands eager to shoot and film. Mikey and Cory are their names. They both rip super hard, making it an amazing few days of skating with these kids. It was pretty sweet, I found myself shooting a lot more video than photos, chasing skaters with a wide angle is pretty fun! I did manage to snap a few pics along the way.. check 'em out.

Brandon in a concrete jungle known as 'so-cal'.

Dana Bank, Cory kickflip into the bank.

Madison Goodman.


Brandon Phillips wall skid.

Madison manned it up and frontboard slid this 4 flat 4 stair. The runway sucked.. and the landing was very short.. making this a pretty heavy spot.

Skating has been fun! Biking has been a blast! and life just seems to be going well. It felt like summer hit so-cal hard today! I'm even a lil burnt... ouch. I woke up this morning, grabbed my gear and headed straight to salt creek. I went out to see if I could still catch waves, they were small and it was way to crowded! So I caught my wave back into shore and relaxed under the midday sun, beautiful! There were more people at Creek today than I have ever seen. I've heard that it gets crazy in the summer, if this is the case summer is gunna be sweet!

Looks of summer!

I like it when the beach gets crowded... :)

Pro surfer Kolohe Andino. This kid rips. Obviously.

thanks for looking,