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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exploration of a dead place.

Jesse Ostendorf and Andrea Jones.

We went to this place not really knowing what to think... I was pretty amazed walking into it. Glass, needles... broken shit everywhere! Its a huge building, didn't even get to explore half of it. We wore masks cause the air isn't clean. It really scared me at points. I kicked in doors so I knew that I was safe if I turned my back on that door. I looked behind me more than once. Maybe to many horror films in my head? Maybe I had a reason to be scared. One slip and a fall, glass would cut you. Touch the wrong spot in a wall and current could shock you. Wrong step on the floor and who knows when you'd stop falling.

I tried to shoot a few pics of Jesse that would fit with the scene. Just trying to get creepy with it.

I'll return to this place.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

riding your bike in a MN winter is fun.

this guy is hardcore.

yes i will.

to westley.

he'll be proud of his dad someday

I can't see him here anyways

I'm gunna make myself a future doing what I'm good at.

so that i can give him a good future and solid start

I want whats best for him

so I have to do whats best for me

promise you lil man

I'll do something with this life of mine

I'll give you what I can

more than what I was ever given.


The Vik Co.

Siktor gettin down with it. Smoothest Nope press through a double kink I have seen in a while.

Shooting with Viktor is always a good time. I didn't really know him till we decided to pack up our stuff and head out west last spring. But thats just him, easy to get along with, fun to be around, and a crazy good shredder. He is one of the most motivated riders I know. I think its so fun to shoot with him cause his possitive outlook at locations. He's always there to get the shot and have a good time.

thanks siktor for giving me the call to shoot.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bald - E - Gal.

Mike Thienes set me up to blog at Bald - e - gal now. I'm excited about this.

Check it out sometimes.


I was just sitting here thinking how fun it is to shoot snowboarding. I really don't think I could spend a day better.

Thanks to all my friends that I have been shooting with, and all the ones that I haven't returned calls to...haha. sorry.

lets shoot tomorrow.



Start this out right, Ryan Paul. Breaking down the drop in to bring it 100yds away to the next rail. That is how we role.

um.. oh yah, this is actually taken by Sam Fenton, Bald- e - Gal Filmer and aspiring photographer.

Cody Beirsdorf.


Siktor Vim Co.

Sam, back to video.


A lil action too.. RP nose press. So legit. So good.

thanks for lookin,



Not enough time at the spot tonight. I wanted to shoot more here, but we 5-0ed out.

I was playing around a bit. Made blurry action. Its pretty tight though. Check it out.

I wish I would have gotten these guys names better. I knew them for about 20 min... There from Tahoe though, so props to them for getting to the cold state. I hope they have better luck at other spots while there here.

Gettin blurry.

Kickin it in the car.

Abbey Wright. Police.

My plans were busted tonight so we made others.. Abbey and I kicked it in her car for the night. Drove to and from odd places, made wrong turns, turned around, and turned again. Jammed out to good tunes (city and colour, Phoenix, and Dashboard Confessional) It brought me back to a good day. We could have drove many more hours, hope someday we will. Pinkie Promise.

A well lit scenery to smoke at. So pretty.

I got a few crazy pics tonight. I'll get them up soon. Its just a bummer that we only had a few hits on the feature before the 5-0 came. Next time...

Proper driving.

Epic ending.

were shooting tomorrow. can't wait.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Peep shots.

Start this out with a friendly face. Viktor B Simco.

Vik and Sam

haha. epic moment.

Riley Erickson. Today was the first time in about two years that I have been at a hand rail with riley. I'm stoked to be shooting with him again.

Footy check.

Good times just keep rolling.

Cody and Sam.

Sam Fenton filming and getting shots.

It's been a good week so far. Shooting more tomorrow and sunday! and.. all winter! Stay tuned for the action shots.