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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Exploration of a dead place.

Jesse Ostendorf and Andrea Jones.

We went to this place not really knowing what to think... I was pretty amazed walking into it. Glass, needles... broken shit everywhere! Its a huge building, didn't even get to explore half of it. We wore masks cause the air isn't clean. It really scared me at points. I kicked in doors so I knew that I was safe if I turned my back on that door. I looked behind me more than once. Maybe to many horror films in my head? Maybe I had a reason to be scared. One slip and a fall, glass would cut you. Touch the wrong spot in a wall and current could shock you. Wrong step on the floor and who knows when you'd stop falling.

I tried to shoot a few pics of Jesse that would fit with the scene. Just trying to get creepy with it.

I'll return to this place.

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