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Monday, December 19, 2011

Lighting up Trollhaugen.

Scott Kulzer. 

Went to Trollhaugen today to shoot some photos and take some turns. The outcome, a sick day!!! 
Before shooting photos I had a fun sesh only to be continued by really fun photo sesh on this jump/hip. 

Dave Parker and Austin Young. 

Tj Anstidal and Scott Kulzer(huge back 3 to flat!)

Krister Ralles and Ethan Deiss boosting some mad airs!! 

Dave Parker. 


Colin Bernklau

Kritter Smash!! 

Chris Eck. 

Troll crew! Tj, Kritter, and Scott. 



Ay learning some handplanting skills. 

That's the jist of the evening. Not a bad evening. 
I'm having a blast learning these lights and playing with tons of new options in photography. 
Can't wait to see what happens next... 

Thanks to Troll for features and fun! 
And of course to Cowboy for the awesome lift up the hill with my gear! 
thanks man. 


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