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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Learning Lights, Day 1.

Garrett McKenzie. 

I got some new flashes so I was out at Wild Mountain this evening trying to learn how to use them. 
I picked the biggest feature I could, this jump, also something I never shoot, jumps. 
So a double challenge for myself to figure out new lighting equipment. 
I can't wait to play with these in the streets!!! 

Benny Milan! 
throwing back 3's over this booter. Steezy and well done. 

Floating it. 


High fives! 
Groms owning the hill. Their playland, same as mine growing up.. so much fun. 

Trying to get artsy right off the bat with the new gear. 
The flash is blowing out the ground.. so yah, I have a lot of learning to do before I'm ready to claim anything. 

Cole Linzmeyer came out to be a subject for me this evening. I don't know who was having more fun, him or I. He did like 100+ back 180's. I could hear him laughing as he was riding away each time. 

Ending it with some epic frontside shifty 3's. 

Thanks guys for coming out and letting me shoot and learn! 
It was a good time, you all killed it! 
Thanks Wild for putting up an amazing park!! best it's been in years. Check it out. 

till next time
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