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Friday, December 23, 2011

A Midwest week with ThirtyTwo.

Joe Sexton and a Midwest backdrop. 


Brandon Phillips. 

On the Road. 
ThirtyTwo Demo truck 'white lightning', Joe Sexton and Brandon Phillips. 

32 ahead. 
You know it. 

In the hotel; relaxing and doing some sharpie work on the boards. 

1817 with Joe. 

I should blog a post of brandons playlist. 

We were given quite a nice dinner first night at Devil's Head. 

Joe playing the part of a high roller. 

Cheers to the week! 

Yummy. Thank you! 

Next day, did some riding. 
Sick 'Lil Ollie over the benches. 


what next man? 

Ollie Gap. 

Trevor, this kid was pretty funny and fun to hang out with. 

Cole Linzmeyer, Gap to Boardslide. whaaa! 

Viktor Simco! 

This park is as icy as it looks. It did however make for a really good time during the day. 
Night was just icy, but soooo fast. Grass runs for days. 

Pre-party hair cut. 
no possible mullet.  

happens every time. 

that finger was licked... 
Joe taking it cool. 

oh joe. ;) 

Don't do it!! haha. it was a joke, he didn't pull it. Just for the photo!

Cole and Brandon. 

Spirit Mtn. Duluth, MN!!


Myself and mike up in Duluth. Beautiful day. 
Thanks to Damage for the evening! 
You guys are great! That was awesome. 

Hyland Hills Crew. 

It was awesome hanging out with crowds of kids and tossing some stickers and product around! 
Letting the kids know we care and that we would like to see them support a brand that is supporting snowboarding and themselves back! 

Solid week of fun. 
Thanks for checking in! 

32 For Life!
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