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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Some more Wild fun.

Hmmmm.... Well, hope you all had an awesome Christmas and are looking forward to an amazing new year! With that.. I really would be stoked if the new year brought us some fresh snow.  : /

Instead of the usual handrail sessions that are happening this time of year, we have been resort riding day after day after day. I guess It's not at all that bad when you look at it as a hobby or a sport, but if it's your 'job' it's leaving us hurting this year. 

To not let it get us down to badly I grabbed a bunch of 32 promo and Austin Young, Krister Ralles, Dave Parker and myself did a lil jib fest for stickers and Ammo copies. It was fun stoking the kids out and tossing in some extra christmas cheer. :) 

Digger of the day!!! Can't believe I shot it.. lucky. 
Good news is, he's alright. :) 

Austin Young posing a contemplating look. 

Looks good there doesn't it? 

As is tradition this season, I brought some Venison to grill up for a midday break. 
Oh man. 

Kritter came up with a Venison dog. 

And kritter smash!!!!! 
I bet that was tasty. 

So yah, hope we get snow! If not, see on the slopes. 
keep sliding sideways my friends! 


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