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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

So-cal groms killin it.

shorts from Austin Silvers on Vimeo.

I'm stoked for everyone of these kids. I had the privilege of shooting with a bunch of them in the time I spent out there this spring. I'm excited to see that they are making vids now!

If ya wanna see Pics of these kids surfing go to the month of may on here. Pretty epic stuff.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Troll with Ay and Seifert.

Trollhaugen with Austin Young and Matt Seifert. We went out to have fun, and did just that. Matt was an unexpected guest at troll today, so good to see him. Also, Ay is a pretty unexpected guest as well. Thankfully he had a very quick recovery from his latest surgery back in November. The doctor says that all is well, that riding is a good workout, and that Ay's season is not at all lost.

So here are a few images from the small park at Troll. Freshly set up offering heavy amounts of fun. Get out there and enjoy some fresh turns. Enjoy.

Ay. This is 3rd time out this season. It looked to me like he didn't miss a beat. I look forward to see what this kid can do this season. I think he has some pretty good determination and a lot of amazing ideas in his head. Add that to the new hope of being able to have a strong season, he's gunna be on fire.

Austin and Matt.

Troll is a pretty place. I noticed that this past week. Its such a quaint little resort. 100% Midwest looking. I enjoy riding here.

Fave of the day. Ay.

Switch nose. Its a lil rail, but still sick.

Celebrating Seifert's handplant.

Reg nose press.

Dave Parker. haha, decided to throw some color into this edit I guess. I think this is a kid that I'll be shooting more of this year. Mostly in the parks at troll. He is OLS, he is a troll kid. What a chad...

Thanks For looking!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Down by the River.

Lovely I think.

B. Larson in above photos. Getting water from the river.


Back to shooting with the doods.

Setting up the first rail of the season (for some of us...) Viktor Simco, Brandon Larson, and I headed down to check out this railer. Figured it was the first time out for the season so we kinda took it easy. Went out way too late and the sun was going down, still got a few shots though. Vicktor kinda got worked on a tree.. ouch, and Brandon practiced his 5-0's for a minute. Super fun, super melo. Just how I like it. Enjoy.


Feelin it out.

till I croak.

B. Larson

Locked in on that 5-0! So smooth, wished I had a video camera tripod combo going on here... maybe someday.



Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ski House Photo's.

Jeffy Gabrick kickin it at Trollhaugen. FLP's finest sales man, and a darn good Wizard.

Dave Parker taking a comfy seat. Hmm.. This kid is a hill favorite of mine, I've been riding with him for as long as i can remember. Always so good to see him.

... Austin Young. What do we do about this kid? You tell me... He makes me happy just to be around. As loud as he is, you can't be embarrassed. As crazy as he gets, just know it will get crazier. Out of everyone I know, i feel like I can trust him way more than most. He has a good heart, and a bad back. haha. Jokes... I hope to see him outa the bar soon and on his board killing the slopes and streets of the Midwest.

That is some friendly faces you will see at Troll if you make it out there. Make sure to say hi!



Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ollies With Cody B

I'm so anxious to shoot snowboarding that i feel like i'm getting a little to carried away. Last night I found myself shooting a tiny rail, thats 4 inches of the snow... Then I thought, dude, before you make yourself look bad you gotta stop. haha. Well, I did shoot this one last night, and I like it. Just an Ollie. Skate style shredding.



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


This is my lil niece. She is epically cute!