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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ski House Photo's.

Jeffy Gabrick kickin it at Trollhaugen. FLP's finest sales man, and a darn good Wizard.

Dave Parker taking a comfy seat. Hmm.. This kid is a hill favorite of mine, I've been riding with him for as long as i can remember. Always so good to see him.

... Austin Young. What do we do about this kid? You tell me... He makes me happy just to be around. As loud as he is, you can't be embarrassed. As crazy as he gets, just know it will get crazier. Out of everyone I know, i feel like I can trust him way more than most. He has a good heart, and a bad back. haha. Jokes... I hope to see him outa the bar soon and on his board killing the slopes and streets of the Midwest.

That is some friendly faces you will see at Troll if you make it out there. Make sure to say hi!


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