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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Troll with Ay and Seifert.

Trollhaugen with Austin Young and Matt Seifert. We went out to have fun, and did just that. Matt was an unexpected guest at troll today, so good to see him. Also, Ay is a pretty unexpected guest as well. Thankfully he had a very quick recovery from his latest surgery back in November. The doctor says that all is well, that riding is a good workout, and that Ay's season is not at all lost.

So here are a few images from the small park at Troll. Freshly set up offering heavy amounts of fun. Get out there and enjoy some fresh turns. Enjoy.

Ay. This is 3rd time out this season. It looked to me like he didn't miss a beat. I look forward to see what this kid can do this season. I think he has some pretty good determination and a lot of amazing ideas in his head. Add that to the new hope of being able to have a strong season, he's gunna be on fire.

Austin and Matt.

Troll is a pretty place. I noticed that this past week. Its such a quaint little resort. 100% Midwest looking. I enjoy riding here.

Fave of the day. Ay.

Switch nose. Its a lil rail, but still sick.

Celebrating Seifert's handplant.

Reg nose press.

Dave Parker. haha, decided to throw some color into this edit I guess. I think this is a kid that I'll be shooting more of this year. Mostly in the parks at troll. He is OLS, he is a troll kid. What a chad...

Thanks For looking!

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