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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bear Mnt. Junk Yard Jam

The Junk Yard at Bear is a pretty fun place to spend an afternoon. There are countless options of old rusty pipes, computer tables, stumps and everything else that can be slid or bonked. I have a good feeling these are just a few of the photo's that will be coming out of the Junk Yard this year. Along with my regular crew the Norwiegen crew also came along for some fun. I can't understand half of wht there saying but i'm sure there all good things... Anyways, i will be visiting this spot more and hopefully get some more shots here. As of now I am loving cali and never want to leave. haha, we'll see what happens. 


Remember kids, always wear your seatbelt! 

Dan Hanson throwing up a method. 

Viktor Simko. More bonks??? I think so.

Kids from Norway know how to shred! 


That Lib Tech is getting some scandinavian love! 

Viktor 5-0.

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