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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Coffeleto and hanging out.

Headed into uptown to kick it with my best friend forever, Jesse. Looking for things to do we found a cool little coffee shop that had the surprise of this basement. Its a fun little place.

Jesse Ostendorf.

The basement had a ping pong table in it! So we played 2 games, I won one, Jesse the other. We then decided to call it even forever leaving the question of who could have won the third...

Below: We set the camera on the table and shot a bunch of goofy pics. I guess this is what kids all hyped up on coffee and cigarettes do!

Da Bunner!

Haha, yah good times...

Crazy art all over.

Sweeeeet!!! Now I can play ping pong every time I'm bored in Up-Town.


My new friend Grace Lanz.

... her room...

She loves Dino's and shrooms, rad!

Chillin and studying. She has her ethics down.

I want a wall of Polaroids like this one.
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