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Thursday, October 15, 2009

FLP Troll Comp and Randoms from a while ago!

Riley Erickson tail blocking.

This is some snowboarding from I think '07. Troll at night was and still is the funnest way to pass time in MN. Hitting handrails and stuff is fun, but a sesh at the local fun farm is always the way to go. This night we were all goofing off. I had a school project to do and of course I pick snowboarding above anything else to shoot.

Austin Young: Back when he was on Palmer.


Ethan Deiss

Jeffy Gabrick is now a Wizard!


Krister Ralles grabbing Ethan's deck from the deck.

Got it!

Chaz Chaffee. I uses these photos for a long time. Chaz and I were both really stoked on them.

Pat Campanaro. Nose Blocking the whole box.

Pat on the jump from the comp.

I think this is Korey Kessler, not sure though...


And Ethan, damn he was crazy back then, wait, he's even better now! This kid has always been good.

Riley Erickson.

The gang.

Ha Ha Ha. Wow, Amanda Renner falling over? She's an inspiration for all of us.

Ethan, give this kid some sugar and this is what you'll be seeing.
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