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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

2 days...

In a car with Jillian, Ashlyn, and Austin.... This is one of those things where I have no idea what to say about it. A planned out weekend that just went odd. Austin and I set out early Thursday morning to St. Cloud for the premiere of 'Tiller', Bald E-Gals film this season. We picked up Jillian and Ashlyn and off we went, or so it felt like we did... I think it took us 3 hours to get out of the cities, for no reason at all. We had hoped to skate Matt Faust's new mini ramp but the weather wasn't cooperative and it is raining still.

So this is how it went. Get to St. Cloud, get really high... , go to Faust's, wii bowling(I won), go to the Youth Shelter Supply and say what up to those guys( and mike hooked me up fat with a new board for the season! thanks man!) , leave to go for real bowling, get higher... , Bowl, Austin won with a score of 205 i think? Way better than what I can do. Leave there, go back to the Youth Shelter Supply, get higher... So then we went to Brandon Larson's were we pre gamed some drinks getting ready for the movies. Go to the premiere. Get drunk. Austin and I interviewed where I have no idea what we said or how dumb we were about it. Either way, it was pretty awesome. I remember while he was interviewing me about photography I grabbed the mic and asked him how it is to live in a trailer park. ha ha, and he just smiled, like yeah, its sick.

Well the movies went very well! Tiller is an awesome film, make sure to check it out.

After the Premiere is where it got really confusing though. I guess you could say messed up. There is nothing like hanging out with this crowd of kids and possible adults. Once their together and drugs and booze come in it all falls apart.

So after the premiere Dan, Austin, Ashlyn and I were driving around looking for a gas station and a liqueur store. We had a sober cab, which is awesome, but i don't remember who he was.

This car ride was the best one. Dan packed a bowl, we smoked it. After one hit Ashlyn said she was done, meaning gone. The rest of us finished it. So as we got closer to the liqueur store everything felt like it freaked out. I was really drunk and way to high.
Suddenly Austin looked at me and said, "it's all getting real fucked up now!" After that statement I wasn't sure where I stood, everything was crazy to me. Then Dan looked at both me and Austin and told us we had to go into the store with him to get more booze, cause he couldn't do it on his own, no way. I was not to stoked on that idea, but of course I'm gonna back up my boy. We went in, and to me it was a jungle in there. I can't describe it. The clerks of the store were younger, our age, and I don't think they could have been more stoked on us. They were like man, these kids are fucked up, lets help them get more fucked up. We walked out of there with a bottle of Jameson and some PBR tall boys. I couldn't have been more excited to leave that store or more stoked that everything actually was chill.

So then it was off to the after party. We cracked open the bottle of whiskey and had at it. Went in, listened to Jonas rap for a hot minute then watched Cody B dance on a strip pole for a second... ??? It was that night i guess... The beer tasted a bit to much like water and i was over it, so I went back to the car where Jillian and Ashlyn were. Somehow meeting Dan and Austin there again. We talked, acted bored. Took some photos. Walked in the rain for a bit then went back in the car. Just how that night went. Somehow a bunch of people ended up at Coborn's and we sat in the parking lot till about 3am. Cody was in and out of our car, and a handful of people were in their cars in that parking lot. Just an odd night.

so we drove home.

Bowling. I'm pretty sure I got a strike right here. Austin behind the camera.

Forever a Midwest Kid. Austin Young.

At the alley.

Austin was all about popping this bag, then he couldn't actually do it.. haha. Cody took it and finished the job.

Sad Austin, can't even pop a brown bag.

At Brandon's place chillin.

Girls are always getting ready to go somewhere, even when they are somewhere.

In the Interview process. Me, Austin, Cody.

Sitting in the car.

Dan Mueller.

I don't know, He kinda looks like Diego from Blow. No? At least a dealer.

Self, Bordom hit.

Next day... Still in the car.

We went back to Ashlyn's for a day off. Made some rice and muffins and kicked it to recover.

You Better!

Support this guy, Paul at FLP!

The Tail.

I love smoke and pictures.

We had to get out of the car and walk around so we went to Clear Lake in Wyoming, MN.

Jillian and Ashlyn being the little kids they are.

Cold and rainy. I love it. Look at these cats, just having a good time.

Awesome tree we found.


This is just how it ended.. Ashlyn laughing on a toilet seat.

Crazy 2 days of my life. This is a weird edit to some weird days...

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