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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chisago County Skate Day.

Austin Young and Matt Grady showed up at my place in the morning and asked if I wanted to join them skate some Chisago County skate parks. Here is the story and pics of the day.

Austin getting all excited and setting up some plywood to drop in with.

Light check? Flash not on... and Taylor's Falls gas stations don't have double A batteries? Stupid little cities. I made due without flash for the day.

Matt Grady: Kick Flip

Austin tried... failed. But good try.



You can actually make some good lines at this park. Long mini with a half bowl and a decent quarter pipe make it a good time.

Grady looking to drop in.

Austin just always steezing out.

Grady getting some coping.

Ay doing his long and lanky thing.

I guess its the end of the road for this Airblaster head wear.

We made a trip over to the Chisago Skate Park... best mini around.

Young Ripped it up for a long time. Solo sesh.


Stick figure? Possibly a wizard.

More chillin, after 5 hours of skating siting feels real good.

Gettin a little crazy with it.

Cruising at paradise park. I have a pretty cool sequence of this that I will put up later.

The way home. Nothing like skating in the Midwest...
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