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Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Colder.

So here it is again; colder temperatures, leaves changing, that smell... Awesome.

Today I was thinking that its crazy to look at who is still involved with the snowboard lifestyle. Who is still pumped to make it to the premiers, and all the people that don't even bother anymore. It seems like the group gets smaller and smaller every year, but it also gets closer and more comfortable to be in after you have stayed this long.

Growing up, my dreams have only been being a shredder, or photographer for shredders. On a day to day basis its what I think about, its who I am. I feel like the industry is my family, the hills are my home.

Some people in my life tell me to grow up and forget about it. Sometimes I wish i did... But then the air changes again, it starts getting cold, you can feel it on your finger tips, on your toes, the cold breeze on your face. Suddenly I don't care about anything other than making the season happen all over again. Pushing myself harder than I did the last. Watching all the vids, checking out your friends parts, studying the tricks they do, and wondering how to make it better. Looking through the mags, studying photos from my piers, thinking how I can make my work look different than theirs, and hopefully making it up to par with their work. The wheels in your head start spinning. The thoughts take over.

This season I can't wait to spend most of my time in the cold states. Midwest mission. I can't wait to shoot with the people I grew up with. The people that have had the most influence on me than any others. There is a lot of talent here in MN, this season I plan on showing off that talent. Making it recognized, making it happen.

To all of you that are in this for life, with out exceptions, without much choice, those who were raised on it, and became it, its who you are, much respect.

I just put up a bunch of photos from last year and the years before it. Pretty awesome, at least pretty chill.


Jordan Michelot

Home Town Bro's: B-ray, Micah McGinnity, Jake O-E.

Joe Sexton At wild during pre-season shredding. The best of times!

Riley Erickson: Filmer, Artist.

Pat Campanaro: He's been killing it for as long as I can remember, Someone we all looked up too growing up.

Pat, chillin in Iowa.

Krister Ralles: jumping off a Breck ski hut. This is from 96' i think...

Jordan Michelot

Jonas Michelot

John Hodge: He is.. House of 1817

Brandon Phillips

Dan Hanson

Marie Hucal

Dan Hanson, Travis Meranda, cali's finest gypsy's.

Pat Lynch

Jed Anderson and LNP.

Nima Jalali

Brandon Larson yo!

Lance Hakker

Vicktor Simco fools.


Elin Bjorkum

ha ha ha. The rush and Ricky Tucker.

Austin Young

The one and only...

Matt Faust

Cody Beiersdorf
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