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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

if every morning started this way... we'd all be so happy.

This mornings take. 
On 'the road to Hana' we stopped and surfed a cool beach break. Good conditions early were mucked out with heavy trade winds filling in as we were at the spot.. session went well, but there's room for improvement on this one. I got to use my new wide angle and am getting used to the whole being in the water and attempting to be in the right place... it takes a good skill to be on it. Mad props to all the guys who have this dialed. I did get a few shots that I'm stoked on, and a few fillers that are just, well, beautiful in hawaii. 

thanks to Jeff Gagnon and his roomy Justin for surfing well. 
We'll be at it more soon. 

thanks for checkin in


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