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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

to wax a board.

The 'How to Wax' edit.

First, grab a propane tank and handle from your nearest hardware store. 

then heat the wax up to melting temperature and apply to board. 

once completed celebrate like Brandon Hammid. 

A properly waxed snowboard will often lead to exhausted filmers. Beware of the extreme effects of a super fast deck, it is addicting to shred. 

May also lead to exhausted riders. 
Nial Romanik and Brandon Hammid, almost to the room, but not quite there. 

Days and days and days of shredding our minds out. Today was almost a day off, but those just turn into awesome fun snowboarding days leading to really long days at epic spots. Today was a great day!

thanks for checkin in, 

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