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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ashbury Demo now posted!

Photo's from this past weekends Ashbury Demo now up on !! 
Check it out. Major thanks to Pete Harvieux, Drew Amer, and all who showed up to participate in the demo at Hyland! It was so fun! Check out the link above to see photos and story. 

Here are some that didn't get posted but are favorites. 

Colin Wilson: He is the future, believe you me. 

I've seen a few crazy things in my time... but this tops most. Boosting off the the tube. So huge!!! landing to the flats beneath. 

Jake Durham has quite an ollie. Made this sign without even braking a sweat. 

Austin Young has a mean roast beef. 

Krister Ralles got a new board, here he wanted to show off the base a bit.. sick methods happening all day. 

Viktor Simco had this demo instagrahmed before it began. On top of that. 

It was sweet. Such a good day. A million people and a million good times, with a million tricks to blog. These were just a few shout outs. 

Thanks again to all who came out! 


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