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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Best Day Ever! this winter...

Duluth got a bunch of snow.. and apart from driving up there to get it, it was the best day so far this winter. Above is Danimals, Steven, and Jake droppin in down the road to go get some drinks from the near by store. I was amazed at the amount of skiers, sledders, and shredders ripping down main roads yesterday, so epic! 

These guys trying out cross country skiing. 

Jeff tried out wheel chairing. 

Jake Durham did a stall on a covered up truck hood. 

Found this snowy couch to chill on for a bit. 

And then.. Waves! With a storm like we had yesterday on a lake this size comes some swell. 
Surf Lake Superior. 

I wish we could have surfed.. but watching it was pretty neat thing to see. 

Makable rides. Nice left rolled through a few times. It would have needed to clean up a lot to get someone out there I think. Intense short period pounding if you were to paddle out. 

Nice view of the city. Waves were pounding the shores and everyone trying to see this once a year occurrence. 

Go find a peak and play. 

And we finished yesterday off with a rail spot till almost 3am. Long day, but well worth it. 
Here Krister Ralles looks at the spot he just shut down for the night.. it was absolutely HAMMER time. 

More today! Thanks for checkin in. 


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