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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

aint nothin like spring boardin.

Hand plants for days at Wild.  
 Photo: Murphy. 

It's just about as good as the first day of the season, but really, you can't beat the first day. 
This time of the year when the snow is melting is sad cause we have to say our goodbyes to our life passion.. but sooo sick cause it's so good to shred in the warm air. Today we were at Wild, and it was hot. The snow is melting quick but the parks never been so good. Everything has kinda came out of that deep freeze and it feels like an average day at big bear, but with a tow rope.. major perk to these warm days. It was cooler to be shredding in the breeze rather than stand around melting all day, so Wild it was and Wild it will be for at least another week.. they got snow. 

Krister Ralles: QP back flip indies on lock. 
Oh werd. 

and sporting that good 'ol Coors jersey. Next place these photos are going is to their marketing directors.. Krister should be on the team. 

lify of the day. 

Austin Young: styled out indie on the QP. 
Austin put in some serous time shaping that QP just for moments like these. 

...and these. 

Kritter got a lil caried away on this one and just had to settle with the rodeo(i think??). 

Cole Linzmeyer, Aka Rocky, came and showed me a thing or two about stylish grabs. 
The Roast Beef Indie topped it for me today. 

Soooo good!!! 
He had these grabs on lock for the jumps and had to come over to show us how to boost a real sick backside air. So good. freakin out. 

Austin ended it with this sick misty flip. 
I rarely get to see him go upside down, but when I do, I like it. 

Home Sweet Home. 

Reppin this good wood. 

and slick shoes. 

get some snow before it's gone!! 


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