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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fun, but 'OW!'.

Today was one of those 'perfect conditions' days at Wild Mountain. 

Krister Ralles and I each learned at least four variations of a hand plant on a less than perfect quarter pipe, but it was awesome cause it was sixty degrees and sunny. Could you ask for more? However, when I changed it up to the jump a simple frontside three taught me a little lesson about landing in deep slush.. and man, it hurt. I came down hard on my toes, bashed my face in(thankfully not braking my ashbury's :)) and my closed fist was somewhere in-between my body and the snow, so it got worked pretty good also. Other than that today was one of the best days this season has offered. I walked the pain off for a second, drank some ice cold water and went home. haha. I can't complain, this is a pretty minor injury and the first one suffered from the season, and I've been riding a ton. So stoked just to have the privilege. I'll be back on the snow in a day or two. 

till then, PEACE!!! 


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