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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Take me back.. please.

If you could go anywhere in the whole world right now, where would it be? 
For me, straight to the ocean. Any Ocean, I don't care.. Just give me salt in my hair and on my skin, I miss that taste.. I miss everything about it. Let me feel the energy of the water, the mystery of the unknown depths, and a cool ocean breeze to relax in. Man, I miss it dearly today. 

Bake Burns knows the feeling. Triumph of a good surf sesh. 

I would trade my camera for one of these fishing boats. No lie, in fact, may happen some day. 
Don't be too surprised if it does. 

Porter Hogan getting the last hurrah from a wave, a period of swell, which began thousands of miles away from where porter played in its final breath of energy. Marvelous. Perfect design from a loving creator, all for our enjoyment. 

Take me back to that pirate ship. A yacht posted up a mile off shore. I hope someday that'll be me, until then, I'll keep enjoying the view from the beach. 

The Ocean is such a beautiful place. I'm in love. Helplessly, hopelessly in love with water. 
Stuck on dry land for about another week.. then I'm going exploring some beaches somewhere in this world. 

till then, 


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