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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is what happens when 15 year old kids lip off to adult hulk size shredders like Krister Ralles, they get dumped. Garrett McKenzie Thought it'd be fun to be lippy with Krister and Austin, he ended up in the trash.

Even though it was all in good fun, garrett even took his shades off for it, the joke was still on us and we got in trouble for beating up lil kids. haha. Na, that didn't happen, but a worried mom didn't like the sight of krister picking up someone half his size and throwing him in the trash, so a manager came out and we had to tell him it was just fun and games. Personally, I would have freaked out going into that garbage can. Gross. Garrett was a good sport about the whole thing even though he did deserve it. 

It's warm out there.. and this isn't going to last long. I'm hoping it sticks around through the weekend. 60+ degrees outside and snowboarding... it feels like Big Bear. Crazy. Oh well. This little park at Wild has been the epicenter of my whole winter. You can't go wrong here. 
We're gunna bring some shovels and make a few things proper tomorrow at Wild. Come hang out if you can, we're grilling and it's gunna be an all around awesome time. 

till then, 
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