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Friday, March 16, 2012

Mo' Post Season at Wild.

Wild Mountain. Melting in 80 degree weather. 
Strange year... 

Two parks and a limitless amount of fun. 

Though it may not look like much, with a little shovel work and a few creative minds this place is a gold mine. There's enough speed to make big gaps or perfect transfer rails while getting at least your three hits per run in. Add in the tow rope and thats easily a few hundred tries at whatever it is you could be trying, all in one afternoon. After this season I'm now positive that we have not even came close to unlocking the potential behind this little park. Most fun place ever. 

Austin Young, Krister Ralles and myself have been pushing shovels at Wild for at least a decade now. It's our stomping grounds for progressive snowboarding. Funny that even after fifteen years of riding here none of us are sick of it. We haven't even had the chance to really make it what it could be yet, but this spring is showing us that Wild can be more than great park.  

Hits all the way down the side wall. 
So EPIC!! 

Cole Linzmeyer's idea for the day was to put this rail on the middle jump, Sam Duncan putting in some shovel time. Enough lify's, action shots for days. 

Austin Young. 


Brandon Larson. 

Cole Linzmeyer. 

Krister Ralles. 

Jake Olson-Elm: *Sniche* tripods. 

Sam Duncan. 

Kritter can't help but get upside down. 

Back to the little park. Let the fun begin. 

Sam Fenton and crew. 

Alek Binder. 

Chris Murphy! 

Riley Erickson also made sure to put in some carves and lip slides in-between shooting. 

Keepin it close.. the midwest way. 

Back Lip! 
Had to go B&W. Check out these clouds! 
like summer out here... 

O E sending it deep. 

Jist of the day. 
It was so hard to not shred the whole time. Who wants to shoot when it's this nice out? 
Had to get a blog edit I guess... A million more and much better tricks went down than I have photos of.. but, I was snowboarding. There'll be an edit from Sam and Riley someday, I'll try to post that also. 

Thanks to Wild and everyone who came out. 
Awesome day. 

Thanks for checkin in. 

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