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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Snowboarding with Pete.

Pete Harvieux. 
Aka, the Man. 

These past few days os SIA are enough to make anyone go nuts, so it's a good thing that after SIA they do an on snow demo where reps and riders actually get to participate in what they are selling, snowboarding. Tuesday morning I shot a few runs with pete, here's that outcome. It's a tricky thing to ride hard and shoot at the same time, but, it's just snowboarding, so who cares? Enjoy. 


Marie Hucal. 

Cameron Strand, one of Michigan's best in photography and riding. 

Slashes for days. 


Slashing signs and Ollies. 
No better way to spend a day. 

Thanks for the fun guys!! It was epic. 

Hmm.. Hoping for some snow cause I'm now back in MN. 
Anyone think winter will make a small comeback this spring? 
I heard that the groundhog saw his shadow.. so we'll see if this spring gives a little more love than the warm winter. 

In high hopes!!! 


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