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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well, this last week has had its fair share of ups and downs I'd say. 

The Downs, my computers graphics card went out and I freaked. I thought for sure my hard drive kicked it and I thought I was going to loose a weeks worth of shooting with RP, Brandon Hammid and Nial Romanik.. Thankfully a graphic/video card is fairly inexpensive and very quick fix. Back at it and my hearts back in my chest again. 

The Ups, Snow in the twin cities. Yesterday I got to shoot my second day in MN. 2 days in a season so far.. I'll take what I can get. It goes into the 'ups' cause it was a rad day shooting with the homies again. About time!! 

'The Future' at a familiar spot. 

If I could pick a line of board graphics to go into snowboardings hall of fame, Monuments collection this year would be my first pick. 'the Future' and 'I'm still alive' are my two all time favorite base graphics. Dave, you can put that on every deck you make from now on. 
Monument is worth looking into. Artist driven, shredder ridden. 

I haven't been spending much time in the twin cities this winter... It just wasn't looking like a good winter and California just looked sooo good. But, it it so sick being back and kicking it with good friends again. Krister, Cody, and Sam. Sickest crew ever. 

Garret McKenzie
 It's not everyday we pretend to shoot powder in MN. Two full inches of spray, why not? 
Garret laying into a Wild Slash. 

I had pictured that these would turn out totally different.. but I forgot that an inch or two of sun burned snow doesn't really explode. Its hard to put that stuff in the air. Krister did what he could and all for fun. yah, people still snowboard and shoot for fun, its one of those amazing things. 

Well, I am stoked to be back online and blogging!
 Missed a few days there... I'll make it up real soon. 

stay tuned! Midwest mayhem coming up this weekend! Ashbury demo starts it off at 4pm, hyland hills this Sat. See ya there! 


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