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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things to look at.

I've been staring at past photos of surfing for a while now, and I am missing the Ocean.
Now I'm just spending my time reading articles and looking at photos...

A few of the things I've come across so far.

This was written by one of my friends Casey. Her fun story about Occy.
Another on the same site written by my friend Alex. Talking about Mark Visser surfing Jaws at night.
Surfing Jaws at night would be a very, very interesting experience...

Porter and Willy Hogan, brother's from Laguna Beach.
Porter has been killing it with his blog lately. Check this one out for sure!
Miss kickin it with these guys.

If your ever in the mood to sit down and watch awesome, artsy, surf flicks, Victor Pakpour's web site is the place to go!

And Bryce Johnson's site has some photos that will make you want the Ocean as bad as I do.

Have fun surfin the web.


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