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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick Wall Ride!

Sam Fenton.
I think ADD was kicking in a little too much today... Sam drew it out in the snow. 1817 for life!

Larson! I was testing this angle and messed up the pic a bit.. still kinda cool though.
Just trying to change up my usual and do different things. I like shooting from further back. I feel like getting close is for some people, but not really for me. Angles are a funny thing.

Krister and his epic jersey! Coors light all day long!

This makes me laugh so hard! Danimals and Riley were goofin off, danimals was mirroring riley's movements. Next thing ya know they are both grabbing crotch... hahaha!

It was a rough day. We were kicked out of our first spot which I really wanted to shoot. It happens a lot.. oh well. This wall ride was really cool though! Video shots are amazing!
Shooting more and more for another week.. then Mexico for me. So stay tuned till then!

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