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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Slow, but fun day.

Brandon Larson: pounding down fresh snow we were given last weekend.

Today we hit this fun little down rail. Built the jump to gap to it so that mad grabs could go down on it. I shot some sequences that I know Larson will be stoked on. He's always asking if I shot in sequence and I usually don't. Today it worked out though. Those will get posted later on.

Once again we were booted out, so lame. It has been happening way to much.
AY on the DFD next to the down rail.

We then met up with Jon Stark and his crew, who were out killin a few spots today... but mostly we just drove around this evening trying to come up with new ideas.. end of the season is starting to hit us. It is looking like this weekend will be good though! Some neat spots in store, stay tuned.

Thanks to the guys today: Austin Young, Brandon Larson, Krister Ralles, Sam Fenton, and Colby from Oregon.

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