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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SIA in CO.

Packing up the truck to head back to MN. It was a full bed!

On the way out to CO we had five people crammed into Viktor's Chevy Colorado. It wasn't something to complain about though, super fun times on the drive out. Gabby, Jake O-E, Viktor, Krister and I rolled out there early wed morning. SIA trip was on. Starting with early morning Denny's, unlimited pancakes for kritter brick.. Welcome to the chaos of SIA.

Outside of the convention center. Denver has some of the strangest art I have ever seen. Inside the center there are escalators that have a laughing sound tract playing constantly. It is the creepiest thing ever. I found myself yelling at them by the time I got to the bottom every time. Creepy.

As we were leaving downtown we were able to watch the sun dip behind the Rockies. Viktor driving us back to MN. No better way to leave than an epic CO sunset.

Peace out Rockies. See ya soon, hopefully.

I have seen the sunset on the way there, and a few times leaving there.. It's always hard to drive away from the mountains knowing that I'm headed back to the flat lands of the Midwest. This year however wasn't that difficult for me. I was so excited to get back to MN to continue shooting this winter. Viktor and Krister both felt the same. It was an exciting drive knowing we were about to get back and go to work. Shred time!

Truck stops at night can be quite the site. The vagabonds and kings of the roads.

Lined up. Napping and preparing for another day of driving cross country.

On the way home we hit a snowstorm passing through southern Minnesota. We were tired and taking it easy while truckers were passing us for a change. Weighed down trucks can handle in the snow! It got scary a few times with the big rigs blowing by us.
We made it safe after a 20 hour drive home. Recovering and getting ready to finish the winter off well.

Thanks to all the friends I saw at SIA for good advice and good times. Get back to your homes safe and sound and enjoy the year!

Aslo.. sorry to those of you who got nailed in the head by beer cans on the dance floor at the nike party... That might have been a little immature on my part. My bad.

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