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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fresh Snow To Play With.

We did get the snow storm that I've been hoping for. It dumped this last weekend! The fresh snow is keeping us going late in Feb.

I got to go shoot at Harding yesterday with an awesome crew of guys! Danimals, Krister, Gabby, Jonas, Jake, Cody, Riley, and Sam! We were rolling pretty deep. A lot of sick tricks went down... stoked.

Brandon Larson.
Cody, and Krister.


Jonas Michilot and Dan Liedahl.

After finishing up here it was time to shoot a Monday Minute...

Group photo was jakes idea, and it was a great idea!

This rail was so much fun. I built a little QP at the bottom, so proud of it! If your in the area you can check out my park building skills!

I didn't shoot to much here.. just strapped in. Sweet times riding with these guys! One of the best times I've had at a rail.

This is my 500th post on this blog.. Super happy to make it that far. I hope to build that number into the thousands. Just gotta keep shooting!

Thanks so much for checking in!
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