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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big post from Duluth.

Krister Ralles.

This last weekend a whole bunch of the Bald-e-gal crew was up in Duluth, MN. We did a ton of dd(Duluth driving), that's when we start by leaving the house then driving around Duluth for hours trying to find a spot. We tend to do a lot of dding in Duluth.

Krister Ralles, Brandon Larson and I got to the first spot a little early and there was jumps and jibs set up! What a find! A few hand plants and back flips went down just for my camera. I'm pretty stoked! I found out that it is really hard to shoot action photos in pitch black.. I'm sure they were feeling about the same with their riding. Worked out though.

Brandon Larson. Tuck knee backie!

We were later joined at this spot by Sam Fenton, Cody Beiersdorf, Brandon Lepasti, and then half of the town of Duluth walked by at some point loving what we were doing. Its sweet to have fans instead of getting kicked out of spots. Thanks citizens!

Sam and Brandon checking shots... hope it's a good one.

Sam Fenton. Photogenic guy.

... so is his camera.

Playing n64 into the early morning hours. Some 007 and Mario Cart went down.
Thanks to Jake Durham and crew for letting us crash at their pad! You guys have a cool spot!

We were able to play ping pong! Can't get any better than that on a trip. Ping-Pong, n64, DD, snowboarding.. dang.

Midwest Filmer's. Jake and Sam.

This was the first time I ever shot this rail. I shot its twin about five years ago. Glad to be back wayyy up north.

Jake Durham!

Duluth landscape is pretty epic at any point, day or night. It is a cold city in the winter, but we were blessed with the warmest temps I have ever shot in up there. Good to be at spots not having to dance my feet off to keep them on.

Following Theines threw Canal Park while doing some DD. Good sticker job.

I got to shoot with Mike Theines this weekend! I'm honored to shoot with the man himself!
Thanks to mike for making so much happen in the midwest every year. Thanks to all involved! Youth Shelter and all those guys.. making it all happen!

It was a great trip in the north. I think I have a few more pics to post out of the trip.. hopefully I'll get around to that tomorrow. 'Till then, goodnight and stay safe!

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